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About Us: About Us

The Philosophical Practitioner's Association of India is a non-profit organisation that promotes various philosophical practices. It promotes epistemological, empirical and methodological approaches to practical Philosophy and provides various alternative opportunities for practical engagement and learning to levy a deeper understanding of Practical Philosophy.


Our vision is to promote philosophy beyond the classroom. We believe that Philosophy, when explored creatively, will spark deeper insights into our lives and actions. Our vision is to educate people about philosophical practices, such as Philosophical Counselling, Philosophy for/with Children, Philosophy for Teachers, and their benefits. In the context of India, we endeavour to use various Indian Philosophies in philosophical practices. 


Our mission is to work upon the diverse avenues of philosophical practice and introduce them through various means, such as via interactive sessions, workshops, training programmes, seminars, lectures, etc. These services are customised to suit the individual’s, group’s, or institution's needs.

About the Logo

The PPAI logo symbolises the spirit of thinking. The fingers pointing in different directions is a take on Socrates' pointing at the sky, representing the multiplicity of directions in which one can think to understand life and its various aspects. The structure at the centre represents the logical structures that must accompany or guide one's thinking in these directions.

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