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Philosophy for/with Children

 Philosophy for/with Children aims to nurture the spirit of inquiry among children and foster critical thinking in them. Children learn to engage with and form a community of inquirers and reflect upon their own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. 
We offer sessions both as an integrated activity along with the regular curriculum of the school, or as an independent activity where children engage with ideas philosophically along with a facilitator. While the facilitator initiates the process, the aim is to ultimately let children take over and self-direct the session such that it evolves into an organic philosophical inquiry. As the module proceeds, each session will require lesser and lesser intervention on the part of the facilitator. The intention is to enable children to realise their agency and value and voice their opinions and ideas freely. It will help children build a community of inquirers and initiate them into reflection and critical thinking so that they can engage with ideas philosophically. Such a community functions on trust and care, hence children feel comfortable and open to the scrutiny of their own ideas and opinions. 

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