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Philosophical Practice

Often, when one thinks of Philosophy one doesn’t associate it with the word practical despite the alliterative links between the two. The former is derived from the greek word sophia- wisdom and philo- love. It roughly translates to the ‘love of wisdom’. The latter can be traced to the Greek word Praktikos meaning fit for action. If etymology is our guide, then when we talk about philosophical practice we talk about a philosophy which is fit for action. Philosophical practice is based on the idea that philosophy can be used to solve real-life issues. 


It includes numerous fields such as Philosophical Counselling, Philosophy for/with Children, and Philosophy for Teachers. Each of these fields highlights overlapping but distinct applications of Philosophy. Philosophy is used by philosophical counsellors to help clients question their premises and reframe the narratives that they have accepted and internalised. Philosophy with/for Children enriches children with frameworks to engage with ideas. Philosophy for teachers tackles questions of pedagogy and how we can bring meaningful change to another person's life. Philosophical practitioners attempt to use their training in Philosophy to bring tangible changes to the world. We use various tools available to us as philosophers to counsel, teach, learn, and create real-world impact.  


We intend to promote the following Philosophical Practices:

  • Philosophical Counselling

  • Philosophy for/with Children

  • Philosophy for Teachers

  • Socratic Dialogues 

  • Philosophical Cafés 

  • Philo-dramas 

  • Philosophical companionship

  • Deep-philosophy Sessions

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