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Membership: PaidPlans

Benefits of PPAI Subscription

  1. PPAI subscribers will receive regular downloadable educational publications.

  2. PPAI subscribers will get discounts on select programs & publications

  3. Self-promotional opportunities for subscribers.

  4. PPAI subscribers will receive exclusive invites to upcoming events and publications of their interests.  

  5. PPAI subscribers will get exclusive access to receive feedback and answers from top practitioners mentioned on the website.

  6. PPAI subscribers will get networking opportunities with practitioners from all across the world through virtual meetups. 

  7. PPAI subscribers will be given priority in the registration process for workshops and training programs.

Choose your subscription plan

  • Annual

    For Indian Residents only
    Valid for one year
  • Two years

    For Indian Residents only
    Valid for 2 years

You may also contact us for customised subscription plans.

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