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Philosophy for Teachers

Teaching in current times is emerging as an extremely demanding profession, with newer issues and challenges being identified each day. These require the teacher to deal with a lot more than just teaching in the classroom. Philosophy for Teacher envisions the development of a ‘community of practitioners’ where they dialogue, reflect, and inquire collaboratively on these issues and concerns.

We conduct sessions that help teachers feel comfortable and safe in voicing their concerns that otherwise are potentially controversial or sensitive. They delve deeper into these ideas to identify and understand what lies at the core of the issue. However, Philosophy for Teachers sessions is not just about solving and understanding issues of practice through engaging in critical and reflective inquiry. It is also a space where a teacher understands oneself and their positionality in the classroom, in the system, in one’s own life and the intersectionality of them all. This will help teachers to be better practitioners and make informed decisions in the classroom. They will realise the value of a community as practitioners and will be able to solve ethical dilemmas better by exploring its nature and various aspects at length. It will also help them make prompt choices regarding their pupils, the discipline taught, or the system.

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