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Our Team: Meet The Team

Founding Members 

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Balaganapathi Devarakonda


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Vikas Baniwal


Balaganapathi Devarakonda is a Professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, Delhi, India. His research interests are in the areas of Indian Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and Social and Political Philosophy. In addition to teaching and research, Prof. Bala is a certified Philosophical Counselor by American Philosophy Practitioners Association, New York. 

Dr. Vikas Baniwal is currently serving in the capacity of an Assistant Professor at the Department of Education, University of Delhi. He has been a General Fellow for his post-doctoral work at the Indian Council of Philosophical Research (I.C.P.R.). His key research interests include inter-subjectivity, dialogue, inclusion, mental health, self and identity.

Charu is a Doctoral Researcher and Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Philosophy, Delhi University, India. She is also the Chief Editor at MB Publishing House. Her interests include holistic living, meditation, spiritual science and Indian Philosophy. She is a firm believer that change happens from the inside out because “We see things not as they are but as we are”.

Ms. Madhulika Sharma is a certified associate in client counseling from American Philosophical Practitioners Association, New York, USA. She completed her Masters in Philosophy from Ramjas College, University of Delhi, India. She is currently working as a philosophical counselor in India where she conducts individual sessions, group counseling, couples counseling and also provided training to psychological first aid volunteers. You can learn more about her at 

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