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Philosophical Café

A philosophical café is an informal meeting of people from different backgrounds to discuss various philosophical topics, concepts, and ideas such as love, emotions, death, purpose, meaning, etc. A philosophical café provides a more free and accessible space wherein people can engage in philosophical dialogues for more clarity about the topic and/or for social bonding with others who think alike. 

A philosophical practitioner moderates a philosophical café. The practitioner facilitates the flow of the conversation by laying out some tentative ideas associated with the topic, which contextualise the issue. The moderator then poses or takes questions from the audience. The moderator may periodically comment on the process, clarify a concept,  or reorient the thread if it veers too far from the topic. 

Anyone keen on reflecting, critical thinking, reasoning, analysis, and dialogue is welcome to join our Philo-cafés. We do conduct online Philo-café, but we prefer organising them in cafés.

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