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We organise courses, workshops, and capacity-building sessions for the following:

  • People who have an interest in philosophy and philosophical practice

  • Non-philosophy students who intend to learn about the discipline of philosophy

  • Students and teachers of Philosophy

  • Practitioners in different areas who intend to explore the philosophical underpinnings of their respective practices

Philosophy of




Mental Health

Philosophy For

Medical Professionals

Training & Workshops

Special, tailor-made programs. 
Philosophical Counselling workshops. 
Skill-oriented courses, e.g. writing, learning, and teaching pedagogies


We endeavour to connect Philosophical Counsellors with Counsellees

Research and Publication

  • ​Liaison between national and international organisations and individuals to promote philosophical practice

  • Conduct, support, and collaborate on research in different philosophical practices

  • To run courses in collaboration with national and international organisations by preparing/adapting suitable curricula, material and teaching-learning mechanisms.

  • To have MoUs with national and international organisations for educational purposes.

  • To encourage research and various extension activities of philosophical practice.

  • To support people with philosophical practice and philosophical counselling services in addressing their life concerns. 

  • Advocacy to secure recognition of philosophical practices by regulatory agencies

Please get in touch with us for services specially designed to suit your unique needs

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